Handmade Felt Veggies


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Felt fruit sewn by hand from quality wool-blend felt.

- Tomato (6cm high, excluding leaves)
- Carrot (15cm long, excluding leaves)
- Avocado (9cm long)
- Eggplant (9cm long)
- Mushroom (7cm high)
- Pumpkin (9cm wide and 6cm high, excluding leaves)
- Peapod (13 cm long)
- Parsnip (15cm long, excluding leaves)
- Turnip (7cm long, excluding leaves)
- Radish (5cm long, excluding leaves)
- Wooden crate - $10.00

*Made to order with up to 4-6 week wait before shipping.
*All items are handstitched with care and are made for safe play. Wooden crate is also handmade. There are NO beads, buttons, glue or other non-felt embellishments that will cause choking hazards for little ones.